Surfing at Hebara Beach & the surrounding area

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General Break information

Hebera is a Chiba classic, every Japanese surfer knows about it and usually, when talking about it, everyone is referring to the reef in the middle of the beach. However this is only the main break on a beach just over 2.5km long with reefs north, central and south and sand bar beach breaks in-between. The water gets deep quickly and so the beach provides for more variety and punch than most other beach breaks in Chiba. Due to its location Hebara picks up a variety of swells from the NE round to the South and also handles winds from the N through to the SW.There is a seriously large carpark overlooking the beach with a clean toilet/shower/changing block - It's also a great place to take pictures / video from, chat to the diverse groups of surfers and check out their pimped out surf wagons or practice your turns on a carving skateboard.The South end has a fishing port and Splash Guest House is located right in the middle For many years the Marui Pro ASP event was held at Hebara. (Now known as the World Surf League)

For a fun short video on the Drive Into Hebara "Click Here"

Image above is of a perfect left hand barrel on main peak Hebara

Hebara Beach Point Information

North End - Kusoshita

Right at the northern end of the car park this break gets good on low tide incoming, a favorite of the locals who like to boost airs and pull into beachbreak barrels.

Breaks left and right and the peak moves around depending on individual waves so splits the crowds.

Often not crowded and excellent fun

Note: The valley behind and the high cliffs all tend to swing the wind however the best winds are North through to West.

Note: easiest paddle out is against the rock at the north end (rip current)

Best Tide: 50cm + incoming

Best Swell Direction: SSE round to NE

Best Size: 2 to 4 feet (waist to overhead)

Best Wind: N - W

Bottom: Reef / Sand

Access: 800m from Splash

Crowd Factor: Weekdays not crowded

Local Vibe: friendly

Water Quality: Clean & Clear

Image below shows a clean left hander running nicely off a well groomed sand bar at Kusoshita

Main Peak

This reef is why Hebara is famous it often has a good wave and occasionally has a great wave peeling over the rock / sand bottom breaking both left and right, each turning on and pumping in slightly different conditions. Pumping = serious barrel opportunities for those who want to pull in, and if not barreling often a long playful wall up to 100m.

Because of the reef bottom often even an onshore wind day will produce a rideable wave.

It can hold a solid 6ft to 8ft swell Its the place to be seen and get photos and a lot of the regions best surfers can been seen riding here

Best Tide: Works across all tides

Best Swell Direction: E or SE during typhoon season, N or NE wind swells in winter and spring

Best Size: 2 to 6 feet (chest to double overhead) - It can break cleanly on bigger swells if all the planets align.

Best Wind: NW ~ WSW

Bottom: Reef / Sand

Access: 200m from Splash

Crowd Factor: Busiest of all the breaks

Local Vibe: friendly but do not drop in or paddle back up the middle

Water Quality: clean & clear

Below are some various images of main peak. For a Video of Main Peak on a fun day - "Video 1" " Video 2"

Obachans (Grand Mothers) (between Main and Shinga)

Sandy bottom that breaks close to the beach and depending on the swell size and direction can be ridden either left or right.

Our favorite wave out of all the points, can get really good especially after a large amount of rain and the small river flushes out the sand. Mixed punchy swells produce perfect fast breaking beachbreak barrels. Heavy poundings & regular snapped boards but always happy faces.

Best Tide: mid tide

Best Swell Direction: E or SE during typhoon season, N or NE wind swells in winter and spring

Best Size: 2 to 6 feet (waist to overhead)

Best Wind: NW to WSW

Bottom: Sand small reef ball at North end on the inside

Access: 50m from Splash

Crowd Factor: weekdays often no one

Local Vibe: friendly but if good the locals will be out so play nice.

Water Quality: clear & clean

Below are images of Obachans doing its thing for a video "Click Here"

South End - Shinga

Tucked into the southern end of the beach right next to the fishermans wharf, it is offshore in SW (where as the rest of the beach is onshore) - the reverse of this is when the main peak and northern ends of the beach are offshore this is often on shore. A small secret is that the high cliffs will often 'turn the wind' and so conditions will be OK even with a light northerly blowing.

Sand covered rocky reef the swells break left and right, the better wave being right hander.

Frequented by lots of locals who chip in and rent houses together, mostly young guys and girls, friendly and good surfers.

Impossible to see from the main Hebara car park and a good 400m walk so always has fewer people on it. But only 100m from Splash so a good option for an uncrowded surf.

Best Tide: best waves break when the tide is under 130cm or its a large NE swell

Best Swell Direction: E or SE during typhoon season, N or NE windswells in winter and spring

Best Size: 2 to 6 feet (waist to overhead)

Best Wind: NW to WSW

Bottom: Reef / Sand

Access: 100m from Splash

Crowd Factor: Normally not busy

Local Vibe: friendly locals

Water Quality: 3 - Clean & Clear

Below are images of Shinga doing its thing.

Click here to see a video of Tom Curren in the 1990 Marui Pro at Hebara Main Peak

Click here to see a video of Kelly Slater in the 1990 Marui Pro at Hebara Main Peak

Break Map

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Malibu - World famous - Perfect right hand reef break

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One thing's for sure Japan is an island in the middle of the pacific ocean & regularly gets swell from Pacific Typhoons if its a surf adventure your looking for of the beaten track then look no further than Splash Guest House.