Surf School

2 Hour Surf Experience

Group Lesson ¥15,000 Per Person Includes Tax (Up to 6 People)

Private Lesson ¥18,200 Per Person Includes Tax

Photo Package ¥5,500

Video Package (Includes Photo package) ¥12,000

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Looking to learn how to surf in Japan

Daily Surf Lessons / Surf Coaching / Surf Rentals / Surf Accommodation / In great beginner waves

this is the perfect introduction to surfing here in Japan learn how to ride safely in beautiful Chiba

we offer classes in English & Japanese, Learn with the best, only 1.5hrs from Tokyo

What I’ll provide

Surfboard & Wetsuit , Surf boots & gloves are available during winter season

Group size

There are 6 spots available on each Group Experience

Guest requirements

All customer must be able to swim 25m without any assistance & be in a fit & healthy state.

Who can come


Adult classes

Kids classes

Private Lesson

What to Bring

Swimwear, Beach towel, Sunscreen, Bottled Water

Cancellation policy

Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 72 hours of purchase

Lesson Last Approx 2 hours

Practice Before our Lesson

Group Lessons ¥8,000 Per Person Plus Tax

Private Lessons ¥10,000 Per Person Plus Tax

We are proud to let our customers do the talking for us.


Dane is a great host.. always kept the group in high energy and we had loads of fun.. I will be back very soon..


I can easily spend a week at Dane's. Sagawa-san was a great instructor as well. I would definitely book with them again when I come back. Katsuura is a great quaint town and bespokes rich culture and heritage. We stayed a bit longer to wander around and that was a great decision. Over-all my experience was above and beyond the expectations. Dane's video footage and photos were a plus plus plus. He is very talented with a big heart. Cheers xx


Dane was great! Such a cool guy! He also showed us some good places besides the beach. Loved it!


Surfing with Dane was great. Everything was exactly as he described from the actual surfing experience to the rest of the days activities: lunch recommendation (he even was able to given another recommendation from the one in the listing because we are vegetarians) and the onsen (he recommended what parts of the onsen to go to and what parts were particularly nice - like the rooftop area for the views). The only issue that we ran into was catching the bus in the morning was a little more challenging than we expected. I would recommend leaving more than 10 minutes to find the bus (unless you are already familiar with the Tokyo Station), I think it would also be helpful if the directions provided were a little more detailed (e.g., take into consideration that people going on this experience are not likely to be familiar with the Tokyo Station). The surfing part was amazing and the pictures of us surfing are a great memento. Dane was great at explaining everything and super supportive while we were in the water trying to surf for the first time. Overall, this was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Dane was a great host, from patiently providing information about surfing pre-experience, to providing post-experience memories via excellent photos. The sensei was really nice and professional as well, and there’s not much communication barrier despite English not being his native language. Do note that you have the JR pass you can travel from Tokyo to Katsuura ans back again. Overall, will recommend anyone seeking an exceptional experience to sign up for this one!


AMAZING!!!! friendly, fun and a great view of Coastal Japan.... definitely recommended


It was an amazing experience! Dane was such a great organizer and the instructor ( sorry forgot his name) was so detailed oriented and professional. I will definitely come back and recommend to my friends.


The surfing experience with Dane and Segawa is amazing, a guy like me do not even know how to swim, and I was standing on board and sliding for a long distance! And the town is really beautiful, we didn’t go back until 9 PM and enjoyed spots a lot.

Andrea Machiko

An amazing experience. Mr. Yukio is very patient and also a good teacher. Mr. Dane gave me very useful technical advice to improve. The vibe of the place and the people are great. Totally recommended, you will finish the day with a smile.


Dane and Sagawa sensei is very good I learned how to surf in 1hrs and I can stand for the first time highly recommend


very nice trip


Where to begin?! I was honestly very nervous as this was my first surfing experience. Dane did an excellent job of alleviating that nervousness as soon as I stepped foot in the car. The session was amazing, he worked at the speed of the group and made all of us (all beginners) feel very comfortable each step of the way. I 100% recommend! Thanks Dane!


Amazing experience. Had so much fun and would recommend it to anyone visiting Japan. Thanks so much :)


Couldnt recommend this enough for anyone in the Tokyo area. Dane gives good instructions for transportation to the bus and picks you up at the stop in Katsuura. Instruction is good regardless of your skill level, they will look to improve you as an overall surfer. Everything was provided and the gear was all great and in excellent condition. After surfing it is time for lunch -- in which there are a few different restaurants to choose from. Bus pick up is at 1615, but first Dane hooked it up with vouchers to the onsen which was amazing, offering rooftop views of the area. This has literally been one of the highlights of my trip to Japan, if not the highlight. So much so, I think I am going back in a few more days to do it again. {oh, he also takes amazing pictures of you while you're surfing and sends them to you -- and they are amazing quality} Thanks Dane and crew!!!!


Thanks for Sagawa Sensei and Dane's teaching. They are teaching great and I can stand on the boards after few trials. They found us a nice spot that the wave is suitable for beginner so that we can learn how to surf safely with fun. Recommend people to join their first experience of surfing.


Dane is the best organizer if you want to try surfing in Japan. His splash house is in the best location right next to the beautiful beach. I'm a beginner so I start from the easy surf point and I stand up for the first time in my life, it was so amazing! 想在日本试试冲浪的一定要找Dane.他的房子就在最好的那块海边,随时可以过去冲浪。好多专业的人在那里看着好厉害!我是第一次居然也学着站起来了,好开心


I can't believe what a wonderful experience surfing with Dane and his instructor was (I wish I could remember his name)!! Way more than I knew it could be. They are both kind, humble, tons of fun. Dane took the time to shoot some incredible video and pictures of me surfing as well! Priceless. He even recommended all the best places to eat and relax at for after my experience. Totally unique adventure in a quaint and peaceful area. I'd give it 6 stars if I could. Thanks again Dane!


These guys have a fantastic surf school set up. It’s right on the beach and the class was a lot of fun. Whether you’re brand new to surfing or have been once or twice they know how to work with you. I went by myself and met some other friends traveling in Japan as well. All in all it was a great experience and I would take part again!


Was doing better than the surfing one day before. I was staying at Hebara the night before and got chance to enjoyed the sunrise at the beach. Impressive and amazing. I was the only person there. Really worth trying for whoever would like to experience local and surfing. That the instructors speak some English also helped.


This is a must-do if you're visiting the Tokyo area. Definitely a highlight of our trip! This was our first experience surfing, and the instructors were patient with us and gave us a really great lesson. All three of us were standing and riding waves by the end of the day! We also really appreciated the photos and video Dane took- took all the pressure off documenting the day ourselves and we really got to enjoy ourselves without any distraction. Most of our group's activities and sightseeing centered around the urban Tokyo area, and I'm so glad we decided to add this to the itinerary. The train ride to Katsuura had such gorgeous views of the countryside, and we're really grateful to have gotten a small glimpse at what Japan is like outside of the big cities. It's definitely doable to use public transportation and get there and back in one day. My group initially got lost, missed our bus, and were running late, but Dane was understanding and had a contingency plan ready for us that helped get us back on track. Highly recommend this experience, one of the best of our trip. (Also, definitely go to the restaurant Dane recommends for lunch. The spicy ramen was one of the best meals we had in Japan!!)


You get to surf at a beautiful location, with great instructors. And I was able to learn how to surf quicker than I thought.

W ill

Amazing experience, thank you very much Dane et hori to learn me to surf, I realized my dream and in Japan !!! Amazing !! Dane and hori are a great teacher ! I recommend highly :) go go go


I had lot of fun and the lesson was great!


Great for any level swimmer!


Dane was a gracious and fun host who looked after us very well. During the lessons on the beach with the very engaging instructurs, Dane was there to snap awesome pictures of us and to help out with surfing advice. If you are already a proficient surfer, you will be free to do your own thing. If you do not wish to take the midafternoon bus back to Tokyo, Dane will have some good recommendations how you can fill the afternoon. By the way, check the availability of Dane's guest rooms. The beach is wonderful and you might want to consider staying the night before or after your surfing lessons.


Very cool experience! Dane is so enthusiastic and gave us a very warm welcome & guidance to the lovely town. The Japanese instructors are so kind and very professional, helped with me do the hard job once and once again. Great thanks! It's an impressed experience for me, thanks again to everyone there ;)

John Patrick

Dane was an amazing guide and hosts. Even though I started surfing over 5 years ago, I learned a ton from him. Very knowledgeable and friendly guy! When you book, make sure to follow his guide as it is very easy and specific of how to get to the meeting point!


Dane and the other instructors were really nice and very knowledgeable. It was my first time surfing but I was standing up in no time! We had a great lunch in the local ramen bar afterwards. Thanks Dane!


Wow!!! So much fun! I have some experience as a surfer but it was good to review because I haven't surfed in so long! I mean there were 3 instructors for 5 people! I realize that was not the norm as they were training a new recruit. The instructors were so helpful! Dane is a delight as is the Splash house!!! Definitely would reccomend going to the local aqua palace after to relax the muscles after surfing! Everyone in my group stood up on a wave and were having fun! It was a great and unique experience!


It was THE MOST AMAZING experience ever!!! I had so much fun with Dane, his friends, and other folks :) Dane inspires me a lot. Not only for the knowledge of surfing, but also he has a beautiful philosophy to live the life. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity! I want to come back again :)!! 美しい海で、楽しいひと時を過ごしました!初心者でしたが、丁寧に指導してもらえました!本当に素晴らしかったです!


Had a great time hanging out with Dane and learning from Mr Sagawa. Everyone was very supportive and it was a great place to learn!


Stop reading reviews right now and book it. Dane and this experience was amazing. I'm an intermediate longboard surfer from Los Angeles so I just rented a board (9'2" beauty!) and a rash guard but Dane was able to give me the good location of the day and let me known the local surfer vibe. Top 10 waves I've surfed. So much fun! 3-4 foot waves at the spot Dane gave me. There were 3 beginners who went through his class and they were all standing up at the end of the of 1 1/2 session with gigantic smiles on their faces. I went to lunch with them afterward and they said they are so happy they booked it. Worth every dollar/yen.


Nice weather ! Nice experience ! Dane is very patience ~ also knowing that I am new learner and he teach me slowly ~ I learn in small waves but finally managed to stand up on the board ! Feel bad that I couldn't do more because I am too exhausted ( ̄ ̄)! They also introduced some good restaurants and ice-cream place ! Too bad the ramen shop is close ! Will definitely come there again !


Thanks to Dane's patience and kind instruction, my first surfing experience turned out to be an amazing one! Although surfing itself was much harder than I imagined, it was just so much fun and exiting! He tried to let us catch as many waves as possible during the experience, so you won't waste time. Thank you Dane, I'll recommend this to friends for sure ;)


Great experience with surfing pro Dane. He is the most enthusiastic teacher you could have. I was a beginner and what was great about Dane was that he was really encouraging and cheering for all little successes towards riding your First wave. Moreover it was really fun and he had great tips of making the most of your day In Kamakuura. As a bonus you get some pictures of the experience to remember this day. Great experience: Definitely recommended!


It was my first time surfing in Japan but it was an amazing experience! Dane was there to greet us at the bus stop. He was a great teacher and made the experience fun..even for beginners! I would definitely recommend this to friends and want to come back again.


Very fun experience! My friend and I are absolute beginners, no experience at all surfing and at first I was kind of nervous, but Dane and the instructors were very helpful and even though the first few times I couldn't stand up on the board eventually I did it with their help in practice. Dane took great photos and videos of us, so even though we both let our phones in the car and had no equipment whatsoever to take pictures we still got great photos. The Japanese instructors were very nice and friendly and taught me some useful tips when I tried to stand up on the board for the first time. They also took time to make sure everyone got taken good care of (there were 2 instructors + Dane + 5 of us so the ratio was pretty good in my opinion). Overall a great first time surfing experience, will definitely surf again in the future! Dane was also very helpful when we had to change our reservation the first time. Great experience!


The tour was very well thought out and Dane always made sure that each person was taken care of. The surfing lesson was so much fun for even beginners, and I was slow to learn but he was always very encouraging. Would love to visit again and highly recommend. Thank you so much!


Thanks to Dane, this was really incredible surfing experience at Katsuura Beach. I couldn't believe this kind of activity is literally less than 2 hour drive from the center of Tokyo. It was the first time when I ever tried to surf. But with the help of very experienced and friendly Sensei who could easily explain all the tough things about surfing I could catch my first wave in my second attempt (and you can imagine how excited I was after that:) Besides that my family (wife and 2 daughters) came to Katsuuro with me. Dane not only made a good advice on where they could have time on the beach while I was making my first steps in surfing, but also brought me back to my family after the lesson which was very nice of him. I'd like to thank once again Dane for his optimism and enthusiasm during the duration of our course, I felt that he is also proud of the success of his students:) Hope to see him again and have some more surfing experience with Splash Guest House team. Highly recommend!


Absolutely wonderful experience. I recommend this to everyone 110%. Incredible people teaching you how to surf. Dane was so nice and picked me up and dropped me off at the bus station and recommended an excellent place for spicy ramen. In the morning I surfed and in the afternoon, I walked along the beach and watched the experts catch the big waves. An awesome time!!


Easy going Dane. Caring staff mr Sagawa. Had a good time surfing and made new friends.


This was an amazing experience! My first time surfing (and certainly not the last), and that in Japan! Dane is a super relaxed guy and I immediately felt right at home. Sagawa san was a very energetic and helpful man! I'd definitely like to return if I have the chance. Please do check this experience out! Awesome stuff!


This was a truly awesome experience and I highly highly recommend it. Dane was incredibly welcoming, friendly and fun! This experience made my trip to Japan one of a lifetime. Thanks so much, Dane!


Surf in Japan was as much fun as I hoped it would be. You should do it too! Getting out of Tokyo is tough given how huge the city/cities are. But taking the bus to Katsura and learning to surf was well worth the trip. This experience delivers. Dane was a great host, and Shigawa-san an excellent and patient instructor. All 5 of us got up on the waves - some more than others. But we all had an enjoyable and memorable time. The surf spot was picked just right for beginners and a nice mix of long (easy) and short (hard) boards made sure everyone got a lot of surfing in during the two hours. Believe me that 2 hours is plenty of time…wait till the next day! If you are visting Tokyo for more than a week take a day trip to do “Surf in Japan”, you’ll be glad you did.


由于错过了时间,所以没有机会去。 早上只有一辆bus会到那里,不过不做bus选择铁路要绕一大圈。 总之,非常可惜


Surf in Japan was easily one of the most fun experiences I've EVER had while traveling. First off, the beaches in Katsuura are absolutely breathtaking. It's astonishing to believe they're only two hours away from concrete jungle Tokyo. Second, Dane and Shigawa were phenomenal teachers and sooooo adaptable. The waves were coming in super high where they originally planned to take us, so we ended up going about 2km down the beach to a spot that was literally made for beginners..flat sand bottom with steady ride-able waves. Shigawa, our instructor, was the most supportive and comforting teacher around. Instead of getting frustrated, like many surf instructors when it takes you an hour just to stay on the board, Shigawa was nothing but the happiest and funniest guide, making ANY skill level experience enjoyable. If you have the chance to do Surf in Japan, you will be forever thankful you did..and you'll probably want to go back the next weekend!


This was a great experience. Dane provides a video to prepare for the lesson as well as a guide to find the bus stop (it's across from the station, get there early as buses run on time) to get to Katsuura. You get picked up, outfitted with wet suits and a board, and you're off for your lesson! I have never surfed in my life and I was up on the board on my first wave. That said, I wiped out plenty and swallowed a lot of seawater, but you get good basics and enough confidence to keep trying. The beach was beautiful and Dane and his instructors are great. Knowing that the Splash Guesthouse, the beach, and surfing are so close to Tokyo has been a total game changer for my summer plans. A great way to escape sweltering Tokyo summers and enjoy a very laid back and fun experience in Japan.


It was a very nice day and I can recommend it!


This was perfect for a true beginner, and everyone was so friendly.


I absolutely loved my experience surfing at Katsuura and would recommend it to anyone going to Tokyo. It's a vacation within a vacation and I would do it over and over again. Yukio was a great teacher and host. We had a blast! Thank you


Great experience! Great coach! The surfing was fun and the beach a much needed getaway from busy Tokyo! Went for a meal and a few beers afterwards which was deliciois and well deserved! Highly recommended.


Great value and excellent instructor. Picked me right up at the bus stop and dropped me off as well.


Great experience! Communication about travelling methods and direction was clearly stated by Dane, who met us at the bus stop. The surfing lesson was as clearly stated, it was an experience where you need some level of fitness, I.e need to be able to swim about 25m. Once you have that, it's a matter of enjoying and keep getting in the board! The lesson is highly guided and I was able to stand(very briefly) on the surf board by the end of the lesson! With that, you come away with a great sense of achievement, the afternoon was perfectly wrapped up with suggestions of onsen, but sadly I was too tired and weather was too warm for me to think about going for it.. I wish I did! Maybe next time!!! Thank you Dane! Awesome times!


Had so much fun out on (or sometimes in) the waves, gratefully with the kind assistance from Sagawaさん. Dane gave us a ride around the town with a thorough introduction to the area and selected tunes for vacation at the beach; overall, it was an amazing experience!


I had a very good surfing experience with Mr.S. Dane and his family are very nice and friendly. Dane took some good pictures for me.


Splash house made my first surfing experience a great one. Dane gave easy directions on how to get to Katsuura (Chiba) from Tokyo and we were picked up as soon as we got off the bus and driven straight to splash house which is right on the beach! We got changed and were in the water surfing in 15 minutes after a short but informative lesson on the do's and don'ts of surfing. The weather was a bit rainy when I went but it did not dampen the groups spirits and we caught wave after wave until finally I was able to stand up (kind of) lol. Had a blast and even got a chance to explore Katsuura afterwards while waiting for the return bus back to Tokyo! Highly recommend it to anyone whose ever wanted to try surfing.


Had a really fun day doing the surfing lesson. Katsuura is a nice little beach town to visit as well with the best ramen I have tried so far! Mr Sagawa was an excellent surfing instructor, this was my second surfing lesson and I learned a lot more about how to surf and catch waves! Would recommend this experience to anyone visiting Japan :)


Never surfed before, and I'm glad I did my first tries here!


Dane is a very friendly down to earth guy. Everything was well planed even from the start by picking my friend and I up from the bus stop on time. There we a total of 4 of us in the beginners class. We were given proper attire to surf as the sea water is cold although it was summer. Since Dane and Sagawa-san are experienced enough with many years of surfing, they were able to choose a proper spot for us to surf as beginners. All of us were given the opportunity to try standing on the surfboard while surfing ample time. All of us succeed in doing so. It was a greatof feeling. Dane even took pictures of us while surfing. It was a good gesture so we could have memories to bring home. It was one of the best things I've done in Japan and they made surfing so much more fun and easy to learn.

Jeremy Hellven

This experience is just out of this world. Even for someone who has zero experience in surfing! You will feel like a champion with pro-surfer sagawa! And not forgetting Dane who provide us with tons of interesting information about surfing. Town and more. Instruction and direction were clear, and 4 of us (strangers bonded by waves) who took this lesson with sagawa & dane had a lot of fun! Ramen and sight seeing after that! Definitely value for money! Not only you will be able to know how to surfn safety, and know more about katsuura, you made great memories with new friends.


Dane was friendly and outgoing. He was a good tour guide by giving recommendations for lunch and activities in the area after the surf lesson with Mr. Sagawa.


Had a great time surfing with Dane and Mr. Sagawa in lovely Hebara. I think everybody should definitely try this experience.


If you happen to be visiting Japan and wanted to try surfing Japanese waves, surfing with Dane in Chiba would be your best choice. A two-hour travel from Tokyo, Katsuura features waves for all surfing levels; whether you're a beginner or pro, this coast is for you. Dane and Sagawa will thoroughly guide and share you the knowledge and experience they acquire for decades of surfing. One day definitely would not be enough for me, I would be coming back surfing with them in the future!


This is my first surfing experience & i would say it is a great one. Dane's instructor Sagawa-san is a real expert and he is being so patient and kind to guide me through all the steps, and i think at least i manage to stand up for once. Well its good enough for me. Highly recommend this surfing experience for everyone and anyone. I already start to look forward for my next visit to Katsura ^^


Took a bus from Tokyo station, when I got off, Dane was already waiting with a smile. He dropped us off at Splash guesthouse and got us into our wetsuits, and introduced us our instructor Segway-San, who's a very kind and experienced surfer. Because the wind and wave were quiet crazy at Hebara the day we surf, so we headed off to Ubara instead. I thought I will never be able to stand up, at the end of the 2 hours lesson, I did!! Not to mention, Dane was also taking awesome photos of us while we were surfing, and they are professional grade photos, awesome! I would highly recommended this experience to anyone, and would strongly suggest you to stay the night at the place, because the view is just spectacular in this town!


Amazing experience!! After the surfing lessons, Dane recommended we eat at a famous ramen place nearby, do this beautiful 2 hour costal hike, and cap off the day with some time at the spa ($7). A perfect day! Dane also generously photographed our surfing experience (with his ~$8k) camera and sent us the pictures.


It was great time and really experience stuff. Good for everyone. If I will have possibility I will try it again.


Dane and his staff are great instructors and great guides to the area. Visiting his beach house is an awesome way to experience this part of the world. He took care of everything including dropping me off on a scenic oceanside trail after the lesson. Would love to go again someday!


We had an amazing day with Dane and Mr Segawa! Really incredible experience would definitely recommend

Ka man

Super cool experience. I would certainly join this again


Perfect first time surfing experience. Both Dane and Mr. S gave great advice, showed us confidence in their field and most importantly, made us feel safe with fun included! Recommend for anyone, everyone! Get out of the city, and enjoy this lovely experience!


This was definitely an incredible experience. Dane is a great guy and easy to talk to. He and Sagawa were very attentive when it came to having us surf on our own. They also made every effort to find a safe spot for us to learn in. Surfing is definitely something that you can't pick up the first try, but they definitely encouraged you to try after every fall. This is something that I will take and continue to surf every chance I get. I highly recommend doing this experience!


Learning how to surf at the coast of Japan with Dane and his friend were amazing and a one in a life time experience. They explained every step on the way and helps us be comfortable with the waves and the board. The group was very small what made it a lot easier to learn. Also the area around is just beautiful and worth a trip. I would recommend it to everybody who wants to catch their first waves! Thanks Dane!


Four words: it was a blast!! It was our first time surfing and we loved it! Go there, I can only warmly recommend! We also stayed at Danes place for a night which was wonderful. Dane is an amazing host who does everything to make you feel comfortable. For us it was the perfect combination: surfing during the day, aqua palace at the evening and best ramen ever for dinner and then comfy and fluffy bed to sleep in. Loved it. Thanks to Dane and his wife who made this experience unforgettable. And: Rock'n'Roll baby!!


Dane was amazing! We were late to traveling to the area but Dane was able to point us to an alternative route. He also gave us a quick tour and history lesson about the area. Surfing was great and the lessons were awesome. He also takes photos and videos of your time there so you come out with a lot. Thanks a lot and definitely would try again!


Enjoyed this trip very much. Coming from Tokyo, it was a breath of fresh air - Katsuura is a beautiful place to walk. You can follow the coastline, see ships being built, see a quiet village life. Dane is lively and big hearted, full of encouragement and enthusiasm. His surfing outpost is a remarkable place and I recommend the visit and his teaching.