Surfing - Short Board from 5,6" to 6,11" / Fun Boards 7,0" to 8,0" / Long Boards 9,0" to 10ft / Foam Boards - Small , Medium, large - FD¥4,500 - HD¥3,500

サーフボード・ショートボード5,6"~6,11" /ファンボード7,0"~ 8,0"/ロングボード9,0"~ 10ft/フォームボード-大・中・小 1日4500円 半日3500円

SUP - Inflatable & hard boards - FD¥4,500 - HD¥3,500 サップ ハードボード・ソフトボード 1日4500円 半日3500円

Body Boards & Fin sets - FD¥3,500 - HD¥2,500 ボディーボード&フィンセット 1日3500円 半日2500円

Body Surfing Equipment - FD¥3,500 - HD¥2,500 ボディーサーフィン道具 1日3500円 半日2500円

Foil - school - rental only available to experienced riders (please ask about price)

Wetsuits - all seasons & all sizes - FD¥3,500 - HD¥2,500 ウエットスーツ 全サイズ 全季節 1日3500円 半日2500円

For those staying at Splash Guest House that surf upon arrival and the next morning, we combine the two half days into a full day to keep the costs lower.

For customers not staying at Splash Guest House, we require either a Passport or Valid Drivers license & payment for the equipment upon arrival your ID will be returned at the end.

Long Term Rental Rates available upon request.

(FD = FULL DAY - HD = Half day)


David & James - USA

Stoked we choose here everything we needed right on site boards & wetsuit top quality.

Sandra - France

I came to surf Japan & that's exactly what I did with Dane & his team at Splash the perfect Surfing Holiday

"Thank You"

Andy - UK

Been visiting Japan for 10 years on business but never surfed until I found this place, best service & best equipment, ah did I mention the waves! A true home from home.

Dan - Germany

Boards, Wetsuits Good, Right on the beach, enough said

Anita & James - UK

We found this amazing place from the incredible maps Dane has painstakingly made of the area.

Just like those, his Surf Shed is filled to bursting with great equipment for all types of waves & his knowledge of the breaks is perfect. Being able to change boards during the rental was perfect for me and my husband as the conditions changed during our stay. I wish we had stayed a week not just a few days.

Tina - Portugal

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing I loved my NSP 6,8 fish that I rented so much I bought one when I got home.

I miss Japan & Splash, Thank you Dane & Madoka

Trevor - Ireland

I did not want to carry my boards and gear during my travel.

The price & selection + quality of equipment exceeded my expectation

as a traveling surfer I was nervous about renting, but I 100% made the right choice.

Claire - Canada

I surfed in Okinawa , Kyshu & Chiba

Danes place was the best mainly because he has been doing it for so long is a local & has the best range of rental surfboards I saw on my travels around Japan. Make sure you stay at Splash it's well worth it, waking up drinking coffee on the deck grabbing your board & just paddling out front.


The best Surf Place in Japan I love Hebara & i love Splash