Shidashita 志田下

Shidashita, Chiba, Japan (志田下)

Official Surf Venue for the 2020 Games

Welcome to Shidashita Surf Venue for the 2020 Tokyo Games

Set in the middle of the Chiba coast line, Shidashita is a surf magnet and one of the center points of Japanese surfing.

Shidashita is at the bottom end of a long stretch of sandy coast that winds in an even curve all the way up to Ioka and Chiba at the top. The beach is made up of black volcanic sand which can get very very hot under foot in the summer months.

The entrance can be found shortly after the main Tatio Traffic light heading north on the right side of the road. The entire road and car parking area are paved all the way to the sand edge and have free showers and a toilet block.

A very Japanese style of localism is alive and well at this beach. It has a very definite pecking order to it but does not really affect who gets waves, so if you are in the right spot and take off cleanly it's yours (and with possibly 3 or 6 others who decide to join with you). Kinda old California style! As long as you play by the rules and keep to standard surfing etiquette you should not have a problem.

You will know that you have arrived at the right place as you will find the Japanese Tori Gate, which you may recognise from, many photos standing tall in front of the main break.

The break itself is clearly marked out by two very large concrete breakwaters either side which project approximately 70m out into the ocean. helping to maintain the sand. Be warned there can be very very strong rip currents close to these on bigger swells and only advance surfers should enter on these occasions. Due to the setup there are normally 2 or 3 clearly defined peaks as well to the right, the left, and the centre. On occasions, and with the right swell direction, both the left and the right will line up with the centre and create one seriously heavy dredging beach break barrel. However, for most of the time, the wave very much has a skate park feel to it with fun beach break peaks and ramps which the locals boys tear to shreds.

Top Japanese Pro riders can always be found here and the likes of Reo Inaba & Horoto Oohara (Us Open Champion) very much make this place their home.

Shidashita & Taito area is fed by a northerly current and has dark green water that is much colder than the southern beaches of Hebara and Onjuku which are blessed with a warmer southerly current. Below is a general guide to water temperatures and wetsuits you will need if you are thinking of surfing here.

January - April - 5/3mm Suit + Boots + Gloves (even a hood for those colder days)

April - May - 4/3mm Suit + Boots (warmer sunny days will allow for a sealed 3/2mm Suit)

May - July - 3/2mm Full Suit

August - September - Spring Suit or Board Shorts with a Tupper

October - December - Gul Wetsuit or short leg depending on outside temps

Typhoon Season - Late July through Late December

Generally Japan will receive between 1 and 25 Typhoons in a season and not all will come up the pacific side

Shidashita will often close when the storm gets close and any folks will head down to the breaks of Hebara & Katsuura which hold the size a lot better.

Please check our Hebara page for more information on these breaks

The local area is also blessed with multiple surf shops and restaurants which are only a short drive or walk away from the break, but many locals choose to have a bicycle to ride around on. Some surf shops also have surf bikes for rental or these can be included in your stay.


Splash Guest House - is located about 20kms south of Shidashita, but it is definitely one of the best run and most visited surf guest houses in Chiba. Run by a foreigner, Dane and his wonderful Japanese wife, Madoka, it is right on the beach in front of the main wave at Hebara and conveniently located close to the famous reef wave of Malibu which was the venue for the 2005 ASP WPRL Surf Tour when Andy Irons Beat Kelly Slater in the final. Splash Guest House also do Surf Board Rentals, School and Guiding of all the areas surf breaks During the Typhoon season they also offer special 10 day fully inclusive surf tours which are not to be missed. Dane himself has lived and surfed in Japan for more than 18 years which makes him a positive encyclopedia of knowledge on all things surfing here.

Shidashita itself does not have any immediate places to stay right on the beach but in the close by areas of Taito and Ichinomiya there are a lot of Guest Houses and a few larger upscale hotels.

The area is best explored by car and it takes about 2 hours to drive directly from Tokyo. There is also a train directly from Tokyo Station. Please refer to access page for train information but instead of getting off at Katsuura you can get off at Ichinomiya.

Best Tide: Shidashita works on all tides - however, low & incoming is better

Best Swell Direction: SE ~ NE

Best Size: 2 to 7 feet (knee to 2 ft overhead)

Best Wind: SSW ~ W

2020 Games Information (Media, Press, TV etc)

If you are an international based company Press, Magazine, TV or Media company looking for people already on the ground here in Japan such as photographers, videographers, translators, guides, or are in need of long term accommodation for the duration of the games please feel free to contact us directly at

2020 Games Information (Possible Competitors)

If you are planning on being one of the Surf competitors of the 2020 games and looking to come to Japan in the years leading up to the Games for training purposes we have a lot of connections that may be helpful to you, or we can help you out with information. Please feel free to contact us at